Inside marvelous lofts perfect service attraction

In a deep sofa landscape enjoying trout caviar with a glass of sparkling prosecco, just let the TurnTable slide into the room and casually relax in full mobility.


Career-starters in big-city-2-room-flats

Enjoying an evening after hours at your computer-TurnTable with a cup of fragrant earl grey bergamot tea while responding to your  friend’s messages. Just turn! & on sundays you can have a romantic breakfast brunch 4-2 in your cozy warm bed.

Trend 2/3/4…

Family dream in fancy eat-in kitchens

The eat-in Kitchen is the most comfortable place of all. The SFT-TURNTABLE creates the desired room if it’s needed. Celebrate parties and happy children’s birthdays around the low multioptionality of the ‘SFT-Ts’ with it’s many cushions.

Trend on Top

Make your own palace

With these fantastic future trends of the SFT-TurnTables and their contemporary freedom with the functional Design we would like to invite you to a fanciful inspiration for your own living dreams.